Virtual Reality in Special Machine Construction

Experience your future Autec assembly system in every detail right from the planning stage! Our specially equipped VR simulation room makes even complex automation systems spatially accessible to our customers.

A state-of-the-art graphics computer visualises the respective perspective in real time, based on the position and posture of the user – from the view of the entire system to individual processing stations. The three-dimensional view is transmitted wirelessly to the VR headset.

Especially in special machine construction and automation technology, virtual reality can score points – after all, it conveys a much more vivid impression than conventional CAD views on a two-dimensional screen; the benefit for our clients is correspondingly high. Once again, a visit to the Autec headquarters in Amberg/Upper Palatinate is worthwhile!

Virtual inspection of your production plant

Benefit from the extensive possibilities offered by a preview of your Autec production plant through our VR system:

You can experience the dimensions of the plant in the planning stage

Spatial overview of all machining operations

Plant simulation in scale size and perspective, relative to the viewer

Detailed display – including protective devices and covers

The virtual reality inspection offers unique customer benefits:

  • Simulate gripping paths
  • Realistic simulation of component placement and removal processes
  • Familiarise production personnel with future tasks
  • Test viewing angles and plan operating steps in advance