Quality and responsibility

Clear proof of the consistent quality assurance at Autec is our certification in accordance with EN ISO 9001, which has been in place since 2003. But even beyond all the requirements of the certification process, the following applies: Technical perfection is the benchmark for our actions. So that you are not only convinced by your Autec system, but thrilled by it!

Quality management

The entire quality management system at Autec is designed not only to maintain the high level achieved without exception, but also to continuously improve it through ongoing quality improvements.

By quality we mean:
• The quality of our work
• The quality of all our processes
• The quality of our products
• The quality of all company processes

In order to achieve these quality goals, we communicate with our customers in a spirit of partnership and involve all employees involved in the respective process. We ensure the implementation of our high quality standards through continuous further training of our numerous specialists.

Autec’s quality management is certified according to EN ISO 9001. Strict and complete quality assurance – at all stages of the realisation process – is therefore a matter of course for us.

Acting with ambition

The high quality level of our systems alone does not guarantee a mutually satisfactory business relationship.

It is our own claim that the cooperation with all business partners is characterised by transparency, mutual respect and trust – both in customer and supplier relationships.

In autumn 2021, Autec therefore adopted a detailed Code of Conduct that sets out all environmental, social and legal compliance guidelines according to which we are declared to act. You can download the associated ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance Standards) manual as a PDF via the adjacent link.