Autec Group of Companies

Driven by innovative strength and broad technical competence, Autec has developed with great dynamism since the company was founded in 1990. This steady growth can be seen in particular at the headquarters of Autec Sondermaschinenbau in Amberg, whose production area was more than doubled at the end of 2019.

Over the years, additional momentum has been generated by start-ups and acquisitions, of, for example, operating facilities and supplier companies in Germany and Romania. This expansion of the Autec Group thus created enables – in addition to greater flexibility – even shorter delivery times and also strengthens its range of services in Eastern Europe.

Today, Autec is a group of companies with high-performance subsidiaries in several European locations – and with fields of activity that complement each other perfectly. Autec can also rely on certified partner companies for services in the USA and Mexico.

The medium-sized Autec Group currently employs around 120 qualified employees, whose competence and commitment our customers have learned to appreciate as well as the short decision-making processes at Autec.

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Structure of the Autec Group

Logo der Autec-Gruppe aus Bayern in Deutschland

Autec Sondermaschinenbau GmbH


Production of semi-automated devices up to highly complex systems for worldwide customers

International customer support

Autec Sondermaschinenbau Amberg, Bayern, Deutschland
Logo der H+P Montagetechnik

H+P Montagetechnik GmbH


Production of feeding solutions and feeding components

H+P in Amberg
Logo der TAS

Tehnica de Automatizare Sibiu SRL


Production of semi-automated devices
up to highly complex systems
for Eastern Europe

Customer support for Eastern Europe

TAS in Rumänien

Autec Corporate Video

Quality management

The entire quality management at Autec is geared towards not only unfailingly maintaining the high level achieved, but also ensuring continuous quality improvements.

By quality we understand:

• The quality of our work
• The quality of all our processes
• The quality of our products
• The quality of all our business processes

In order to achieve these quality goals, we maintain a partnership with our customers and involve all employees concerned in the respective process. We ensure the implementation of our high quality standards through continuous training of our employees.

Since 2003, Autec has been certified according to EN ISO 9001. Strict quality management at all stages of the production process is a matter of course for us.